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  • December 17, 2021
  • Janitorial Services

    Janitorial services entail professional cleaning of residential areas, namely apartment buildings, doctor’s offices, public schools and other commercial property. Janitors normally enter your residential building at a pre-arranged time and perform a wide variety of cleaning chores. They clean floors, clean bathrooms and change diapers, change lighting bulbs and sweep and mop the floors.

    Residential buildings that employ janitors must be managed efficiently in order to meet legal requirements and protect the property from damage. All cleaning tasks must be carried out in a clean and hygienic manner. It is therefore important to engage the services of a professional janitorial services company to ensure that your residential building is appropriately maintained. Most janitors have experience in all forms of professional cleaning including residential, commercial and municipal services.

    The janitors employed by commercial cleaning services companies also have experience in dealing with difficult, filthy and trash-filled jobs. Many janitorial services offer training to its workers in the various methods of cleaning commercial premises. The experienced janitors also keep a detailed record of each job. They are well equipped with all the necessary tools and materials required for performing their work. These records help them in assessing the quality of services offered by their present employer.

    Residential areas usually present with tough, filthy and difficult tasks such as cleaning bathrooms and removing garbage. Most residential areas do not show much activity during the working hours, but during the night or on weekdays, it is quite different. People residing in these areas go about their personal activities, forget about their homes and neglect cleaning duties, which often leads to accumulation of dirt, grime and even rubbish. These trash cans accumulate over a period of time and sometimes, the janitors themselves cannot remove the piled up trash easily. In order to deal with this issue effectively, professional janitorial services are hired to clear the trash and maintain cleanliness in the homes. The experienced janitors thoroughly clean the trash cans and dispose them safely without lifting any stones or objects from the trash.

    The trash cans may be cleaned on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis according to the requirements. Most commercial cleaning crews come up with a specific timetable to complete the cleaning job done by them. Whether the job is done by a group of janitorial services personnel or by a single individual, they ensure that the job is done in a timely manner so as to prevent any inconvenience to the homeowners or the business owner.

    The role of the janitors is multi-faceted. Not only do they maintain cleanliness in the homes and offices but they also assist in cleaning and dusting, they ensure that the office doors are opened and the windows are washed, cleaned and vacuumed, they open the cabinets and drawers to take out whatever is inside them, they collect the unused things after the cleaning process is over, they ensure that the office phone systems are working properly, they organize the equipments, furniture and files in an orderly manner. They even make sure that the traffic in and out of the office is minimal and the parking spaces are fully maintained.

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