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  • December 17, 2021
  • Popular Home Improvement Uses for Countertop Refinishing

    Countertop refinishing has become the popular and cost effective way for homeowners to refresh and redecorate their kitchens and bathrooms. It provides an opportunity to achieve a fresh look and feel while spending a fraction of the cost of major refits or demolishing an entire kitchen or bathroom. In most cases, countertop refinishing can be completed in a single weekend and does not require ripping up flooring, exposing it to water or other damaging chemicals.

    Countertop refinishing also tends to be less messy and disruptive to the environment than massive remodeling projects that entail demolition of existing flooring and installing new flooring overlap of old and worn countertop surfaces. Custom finishes provide homeowners with incredible design flexibility and are easy to match with existing cabinetry, tiles, and fixtures. Popular color choices and finishes include bolder shades of white, ivory, champagne, brushed nickel, and traditional wood finishes. Countertop refinishes are often completed with durable textured polyurethane finishes to protect countertop surfaces from food spill damage and stains.

    Kitchen remodels and bathroom remodels have become increasingly popular because they offer homeowners a chance to enjoy the luxury of having their kitchens and bathrooms transformed into beautiful and practical spaces. Refinishing your countertops adds value to your home and increases its appeal as a place to live. Countertop refinished surfaces can be made from a wide variety of materials including solid surfaces, tile, Formica, wood, granite, marble, and porcelain. Laminates and composite materials are growing in popularity for countertop refinishing because they offer a lightweight and durable solution for bathrooms and kitchens. These laminates and composite materials are available in a wide variety of colors and finishes and look like wood but are stronger and dry faster than natural wood.

    When homeowners decide to replace their countertop, there are many factors that must be considered. Cost is always an important factor and will likely play a key role in the final selection of the material. While money may not be a primary concern, do not skimp on the cost of materials or save money by selecting the lowest bidder. Properly installed, quality counter top refinishing solutions can last for decades and can be used for other kitchen or bathroom projects like replacement cabinet doors.

    There are also many options available for homeowners when it comes to laminate countertop refinishing. Laminate is becoming more popular for countertop applications because it is very durable and can be installed very quickly. Laminate counter tops offer a high degree of decorative quality and durability. This product can be installed on countertop surfaces using just two simple sliding doors. As with any type of wood, laminate counter tops require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. Unlike wood, you do not need to paint or stain laminate counter tops to maintain their appearance.

    Countertop resurfacing applications are perfect for homeowners who are renovating an entire kitchen or bathroom or any room in the home that has rough or uneven surfaces. When homeowners are looking to save money, do-it-yourself applications offer the same look and quality as a professional refinishing job. Unlike home improvements that require the purchase of expensive supplies, do it yourself countertops are very affordable. In fact, the materials required for do it yourself countertop refinishing are much less expensive than supplies typically needed for professional refinish work.

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